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ICYMI: Koch groups call for Lame Duck Dreamer deal

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(Washington, D.C.)—Today The Hill published an article highlighting a coalition letter calling on congressional leaders to provide a permanent solution for Dreamers. Read the entire article here.


Below are excerpts from the piece.


The heads of Americans for Prosperity, Freedom Partners and the Libre Initiative said in a Nov. 13 letter released on Thursday that Congress should make Dreamers a component of an upcoming spending bill where border security will play a central role.



The Koch network has long sided with moderate Republicans and Democrats on the issue of providing permanent immigration status for Dreamers -- immigrants who were brought to the country illegally as minors.



"These young people, brought here as children, continue to live in uncertainty as their status is in jeopardy. Their ability to plan for the future and contribute to the nation remains limited until Congress passes legislation resolving their legal status," reads the letter, signed by Brent Gardner of Americans for Prosperity, Nathan Nascimento of Freedom Partners and Daniel Garza of the Libre Initiative.



With the midterms in the rear-view mirror and a lame duck border security funding package in the works, some have expressed optimism that a Dreamer deal is possible. Still, competing priorities on each side of the aisle are complicating the prospects for a bipartisan agreement.




"A legislative compromise that pairs a permanent solution for the Dreamers with additional funding for border security has again been proposed," the Koch-affiliated groups wrote. "We believe such a compromise can be passed and enacted into law with broad bipartisan support."



Read the entire article here.

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