Ep. 02: Peleando Por La Libertad with Dolia Leal

Dolia Leal, Human Rights Activist

Dolia Leal, Human Rights Activist, Founder of an opposition movement in Cuba  Ladies in White”: Dolia Leal, founder of the Ladies in White and a human rights activist, tells us first hand how she confronted the repressive Cuban system demanding freedom with nothing but her truth and a flower.

Sabor a Freedom (Taste of Freedom) aims to inspire through storytelling. Our guests include entertainers, advocates, entrepreneurs, elected leaders who all share one thing in common: a story of how freedom and opportunity allowed them to achieve their unique American Dream.

A native of Colombia, with an inspirational story of his own American experience to share, Cesar brings the stories of his guests to life so others can learn how they too can have a Taste of Freedom.

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