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Joshua Raimundo

Strategic Director

Joshua Raimundo moved to Northern Virginia from the Dominican Republic right before first grade and has called the United States home since then. Growing up in Northern VA, he’s been involved in the Hispanic community, mostly volunteering at his Spanish-speaking church. In high school and middle school, Joshua became more and more interested in politics and free-market economics. He wanted to find ways to communicate these ideas beyond his immediate circle of influence. In 2018, he found LIBRE.

Joshua works as the Director of Strategy for The LIBRE Initiative in Virginia. Since 2018, he has advocated for LIBRE’s freedom-minded solutions in the VA legislature, media, and the community. He is especially interested in liberty-oriented solutions in education. Perhaps this interest comes from being homeschooled and pursuing a non-traditional college program.

Outside work, Joshua serves as music director and high-school Sunday school teacher in his local church, Iglesia Bíblica de la Gracia. If he’s not at church or doing LIBRE stuff, he’s probably on a Jiujitsu mat or soccer field somewhere. If you still can’t find him, he’s probably at home, mixing the best drink this planet has to offer: Dominican hot chocolate.