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Educational Opportunity

Education is essential for people to discover and develop their potential. It’s often in the classroom where students explore their gifts and the unique ways they can contribute to the world.  

That’s why students and families should have access to quality education tailored to the way they learn best and that helps them succeed.  

Hispanic families understand the life-changing value of educational opportunity. Time and again, polls have shown they rank this as a top issue.  

So they know that when families have more options from which to choose the best education for their child, everyone wins. We can make such outcomes possible by:  

  • Advocating open enrollment policies: Where you live should not dictate the education a child receives. That’s why we need to allow families to enroll their children in the public school of their choice.
  • Expanding the means by which families can choose the right education for their child: Increasing access to microgrants—funds allocated directly to families for education purposes—or education scholarship accounts—special accounts allowing parents to access a portion of the funds a state has allocated for their child for a variety of education expenses—and similar funding proposals will help families meet their child’s unique education needs.
  • Increasing course access: We can expand student-centered education by giving them the freedom to enroll in courses inside and outside their school. Similar to open enrollment, course access policies allow students to enroll in classes offered by other schools, so they can get the most out of their education experience.
  • Giving students credit wherever they learn: Children learn through a variety of experiences beyond the traditional classroom setting. There are several policies geared toward helping students learn everywhere by giving them credit for out-of-classroom learning opportunities.
  • Promoting charter schools: Charter schools are built on the principle that every child is unique. They are public schools of choice, with the independence to create diverse and innovative learning environments. They restore power to the educators, to be autonomous and creative, ultimately creating a more unique and engaging learning environment for students.