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Uniting Around Freedom-Minded Policies

By removing barriers to opportunity, Latinos can thrive, prosper and pursue their version of the American dream.

Making a Difference

the Hispanic Community

Our Legislative Agenda

"It is a privilege to live in the United States because this is a Nation where you dictate your destiny."

Daniel Garza. President

Key Issue Areas

Economic Opportunity

Economic Opportunity

Policy should foster innovation, remove barriers, and equip everyone to improve their lives


We need policies that expand choice, improve quality, lower costs, and encourage innovation


We need to modernize America's outdated, and ineffective immigration system


When families can choose the best education for their child, everyone wins

Together, we are LIBRE

Every person has something unique to contribute toward the common good of their community. Building a better future for Hispanics across America can’t happen without you. Join with LIBRE to amplify your voice as together we seek solutions that empower individuals for the benefit of all.

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