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Florida State Director

Cesar Grajales was born in Colombia and moved to Miami at the age of 17. His professional background covers different fields, from the music business industry and Hispanic entertainment to the stock market.

His unwavering commitment to the preservation of economic freedom in the United States led him to join LIBRE's cause from its beginning; first as a volunteer, then as a writer for Fox News Latino on political and economic issues, later as Field Representative and as a Field Director in LIBRE's office in South Florida and currently as Florida State Director. Grajales has successfully promoted de principles of economic freedom amongst the growing Hispanic community in Florida.

In his current role, he coordinates events at a state level, and represents the organization at fairs, forums and conferences promoting LIBRE's cause among fellow Floridians.

Grajales has a vast experience in business administration, management, political campaign operations and grassroots operations.

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