South Florida Field Director

Janisset Rivero was born in Cuba, but as a teenager was exiled to Venezuela along with with her parents and sister. After studying Communications and Advertising in Caracas, she moved to Miami in 1990. Janisset later graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and a Master of Arts in Spanish.

Janisset is recognized as an important Cuban human rights activist in the South Florida community.  As an Executive Director of Cuban Democratic Directorate, she has represented the Cuban struggle for freedom and democracy at UN’s Human Rights Council in Geneva and at OAS’s Inter American Commission for Human Rights in Washington, DC in numerous occasions.

Janisset's op-eds have been published in Venezuela, Puerto Rico and U.S. newspapers. She is also a published author of two testimonials poetry books.

On October, 2014 Janisset was recognized by the City of Boston for her activities in favor of democracy and human rights in Cuba, and on March 2013, the U.S. Congress also recognized her efforts.

Janisset Rivero is now South Florida Field Director for The Libre Initiative.

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