Policy Issues

Budget and Spending

The nation’s growing debt is a growing threat to economic freedom as we know it. Households across the U.S. are running on tight budgets, while the federal government is spending more than it takes, putting the burden squarely on the shoulders of hard working Americans and future generations.


The American Dream for every parent is the hope of a better future for their children. That dream begins with access to a better education. Despite efforts from local teachers, parents, and communities to improve our schools, the growing federal footprint over our nation’s public education system continues to produce lack-luster results.

Government Cronyism

Cronyism is any government-provided privilege to a particular business or industry and comes in a variety of forms including privileges such as monopoly status, favorable regulations, subsidies, bailouts, targeted tax breaks, and protection from foreign competition. A recent example was the government bailout of wealthy and well-connected banks in 2008.

Health Care

Providing affordable access to quality health care is a worthy and important goal, but the current path of increased government power over the patient-doctor relationship that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) provides is not an acceptable solution. This federal mandate is a tax in disguise that forces citizens to purchase insurance plans and threatens our small businesses with penalties.


We believe the best path forward to reform the broken immigration system in the United States is through a streamlined, market-based and employment-driven policy. The ongoing failure of Washington to develop and approve a sound immigration policy threatens our national security, economic prosperity and the cohesion of the family unit.

Jobs and the Economy

A free market economy provides a strong and healthy environment that promotes innovation, business development and job creation.


Americans are suffering under the crushing burden of overregulation. Businesses are being strangled by red tape and individuals face vast and growing limitations on personal freedom in nearly every aspect of their lives. Such overregulation limits our freedom and encourages individuals and businesses to circumvent or even alter regulation to their advantage.


Americans believe in helping the less fortunate, but while government programs aim to assist families in meeting their daily needs, they fail in lifting the beneficiaries out of poverty.

Professionals Coalition

America’s entrepreneurial tradition has been, for many, the pathway to the American Dream. This is particularly true for many of the nation’s Hispanic immigrants and descendants who have been an integral part of the present-day U.S. entrepreneurial economy.

Students Coalition

The Students Coalition prepares high school, college, and non-traditional students for the ever-changing educational and professional landscape. Institutions of learning nationwide sponsor speakers who engage the student body and the community in conversations about economic well-being and expanded opportunities for Hispanics.


The current tax code and system of patch-work provisions have created an environment of uncertainty that is detrimental to the national economy. At more than 73,000 pages, the current federal tax code is unfair, inefficient and unnecessarily complex. Recent tax increases have only exacerbated the need for comprehensive reform to help increase U.S. competitiveness and restore growth.

Women And Family Coalition

The Women and Family Coalition promotes liberty, self-reliance, and entrepreneurship for Hispanic women. The mission is to educate and empower Latinas and Hispanic families with the tools to achieve the American Dream for themselves and their families.