Women are crucial to the economic development of the United States and building the moral fabric of future generations that will impact the nation. Hispanic women in particular, have a strong presence within and outside their homes. Today’s Latina is so multifaceted, that it becomes difficult to describe her.

Thirty-seven percent of Latinas are mothers; Over thirty-four percent of minority women owned firms are owned by Latinas, and in world of public office, powerful Latinas are making their presence known from the Halls of Congress, to state governorship and the highest cout in the land, The U.S. Supreme Court.

The culture of Hispanic women empowers to want to be role models, continue their education and help others. It is also a culture that puts family first, works hard, has a strong religious faith and respects authority.

It is these values that reflect her power, identity and influence and have allowed many successful Latinas to achieve success. But, perhaps it is her ability to pass on these values to the children in her life that will determine the fate of our nation.

Our country’s Hispanic millenials are 15 million strong, connected to their Latin culture, and just as likely to speak Spanish at home. By 2018, Hispanics are expected to comprise 18 percent of the labor force. The skills they learn through important female figures in their lives now are sure to shape society and our economy of tomorrow. By protecting the values of hard work, personal responsibility, rule of law and the role of limited government in our lives, we teach the next generation of Latinas to be empowered by their knowledge and their skills to achieve success and prosperity in their lives.