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Wisconsin Considers Legislation Removing Barriers to Opportunity

(Milwaukee, WI) – The Wisconsin State Assembly is expected to vote on bill AB 508 on today. The bill seeks to create greater economic opportunity and allow more of Wisconsin’s skilled workers to enter different building trades. If approved, this measure will remove barriers to opportunity by expanding access to apprenticeships. The Assembly is also expected to vote on bills SB 108 and SB 109, passed by the Wisconsin Senate earlier this year. These bills focus on expanding entrepreneurial opportunities by rolling back excessive government regulations.

Daniel Garza, President of The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement:

It is important to remove barriers to economic opportunity that that keep Latinos from unleashing their entrepreneurial spirit, and it’s equally important that every American be afforded the opportunity to build their American Dream. Latino workers who are able to meet a professional standard should not be held back by excessive government regulation, like onerous and unjustifiable restrictions on apprenticeships and occupational licensing. Many states have taken and are taking the initiative to make it easier for qualified individuals to compete for good jobs, and access the workplace. It’s encouraging that Wisconsin is following suit.”

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