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In the Wake of Senate Votes, Time for a Permanent, Bipartisan Dreamer/Border Deal

(Arlington, VA) – Today the Senate failed to pass legislation to fund the government for a period of weeks, as well as legislation that would fund the government, provide temporary relief to Dreamers, and make other changes to United States asylum laws and other statutes. Early on, our Network cautioned against a short-term extension, and called for a narrow focus on a permanent solution.


The following statement was released by:

Tim Phillips, President of Americans for Prosperity

Nathan Nascimento, Executive Vice President of Freedom Partners

Daniel Garza, President of The LIBRE Initiative

“We have long said that the path to ending the ongoing shutdown is through narrow legislation that pairs permanent protection for the Dreamers and enhanced funding for border security. It’s clear that if leaders in both parties set politics aside and reach across the aisle, this is an approach that can earn broad bipartisan support and be signed into law.

“Forging such bipartisan legislation should not be this difficult. But here we are, more than a month after the shutdown began, and both sides in this argument have barely moved from their first, partisan stances. The American people are crying out for leadership. It’s far past time for both sides to work together on this commonsense solution. We will continue to work with anyone who is sincerely interested in getting this done.”

Permanent protection for the Dreamers and enhanced border funding has the support of dozens of lawmakers and numerous editorial boards nationwide, including:


Washington Post

Wall Street Journal

AM New York


Free Lance Star

The Detroit News

Chicago Tribune

Dallas Morning News

New York Post

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