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Virginia Hispanics Will Benefit from Telemedicine Reform

Richmond, VA — This week the Virginia House of Delegates and Senate unanimously passed legislation to expand access to telemedicine in the Commonwealth of Virginia. This measure will enable Virginia Hispanics – and others – to have greater access to an array of healthcare options. The legislature endorsed HB 1970 and SB 1221, companion bills considered in each chamber.


Michael Monrroy, Coalitions Director for The LIBRE Initiative, Virginia, released the following statement:

“We are pleased to see lawmakers coming together to pass reforms that will improve the lives of Hispanics and all Virginians. By passing these two bills, the Virginia legislature is breaking significant barriers that have prevented Hispanics from having access to the care they need.”


For interviews with a representative from the LIBRE Initiative, please contact Brian Faughnan, 202-805-1581 or Wadi Gaitan, 202-853-4433