The PRO Act is an unprecedented attack on the American economy and the independence of America’s workers and our Hispanic community. It would force millions of Hispanic workers to join or pay fees to unions without their consent and would restrict the rights of independent contractors to operate independently, threatening the livelihoods of millions of Hispanics.

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Whether they’ve made full-time careers or earn supplemental income, independent contractors are thriving in transportation, medical, construction, financial, tourism, hospitality, caregiving, journalism, sales and so many other industries that drive Virginia’s economy.

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In particular, independent contracting has forged great employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for the Hispanic community. Numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show contingent workers—individuals hired on a contract basis for limited time periods—are more likely to be Latino than white.

In 2019, 30.4 percent of construction workers were Hispanic. Of those who were not independent contractors themselves, many worked for companies that are classified as such.

Lawmakers shouldn’t be making it harder for people to earn a living. They should be removing barriers to work, not placing barriers in the way of Virginians trying to work.

At a time when Virginians are trying to recover from the harmful economic effects of the pandemic and get back to work, the last thing you need is Congress enacting laws that would significantly harm employers of all sizes, limit people’s freedom to work as they please, and force them to pay hundreds of dollars to a union they don’t want or need.

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