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Unfounded Lawsuit Against TABOR is Finally Dead

Unfounded Lawsuit Against TABOR is Finally Dead

(DENVER, CO) – Today, Americans for Prosperity and The LIBRE Initiative responded to the end of the decade-long lawsuit attempting to condemn Colorado’s Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) unconstitutional.

Jesse Mallory, State Director for Americans for Prosperity-Colorado, released the following statement:

“Although we are pleased to see that anti-TABOR proponents will no longer continue pushing through their junk lawsuit in the courts, we know that this fight is far from over. For decades, politicians and special interest groups have tried every trick in the book to do away with TABOR so that they can remove taxpayer approval from their tax and spending schemes. Thanks to TABOR, we have been able to keep state spending in check and keep our economy strong.”

Angel Merlos, Strategic Director for The LIBRE Initiative-Colorado, said:

“Colorado’s growing Hispanic community thrives when there is economic opportunity, jobs and a good quality of life. TABOR has helped create economic conditions in Colorado to help more and more Hispanics in our state pursue their version of the American Dream. And while we are happy to hear that anti-TABOR proponents will no longer pursue their lawsuit, LIBRE remains committed to educating the Latino community in the state on why fiscal responsibility and taxpayer accountability is critical to economic opportunity.”