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Transportation Funding Problem Demands Bipartisan, Long-Term Response

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Transportation Funding Problem Demands Bipartisan, Long-Term Response 

(Washington, D.C.) – Congressional leaders are currently debating whether to raise tax revenues to finance transportation spending going forward. Unless Congress acts, federal funds for infrastructure will expire on August 1, forcing states to compensate for that shortfall. While both the House and Senate are prepared to consider funding measures, the two proposals differ on how to fund the extension and whether to increase tax collections. Even more troubling, neither proposal addresses the long-term shortfall that threatens infrastructure programs going forward. Nevertheless, both House and Senate are expected to address the short-term funding issues in the days ahead.

Daniel Garza, Executive Director of The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement:  

"Once again, leaders Washington are dodging the difficult questions they are elected to address. America has serious infrastructure needs. Without real leadership, they will undercut economic growth going forward. But instead of long-term solutions, we get nothing but short-term patches. And despite more than $800 billion spent on a 'stimulus' package that we were promised would address these problems, the needs seem as great as ever. 

Congress and the president should come together on a sustainable spending plan that gives states certainty about federal transportation assistance. Once that work is completed, they should match existing tax revenues to expenses going forward – so emergency bailouts such as this one are made a thing of the past. Taxpayers, drivers, small businesses and local communities – all deserve a credible, sustainable plan."

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