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The new independent contractor rule is bad news for Latinos

March 29, 2024

Independent work is alive and well, but perhaps not for much longer. 

That’s because the Department of Labor’s new independent contractor rule would make it harder to be classified as an independent worker. It would likely lead to many of these workers being reclassified as employees or risk losing their livelihoods entirely. 

This is terrible news for families and individuals doing their best to make ends meet — often through independent work such as real estate agents, painters, nannies and website designers. In the real estate sector, where professionals often rely on the flexibility of being independent contractors, this rule could have a particularly harsh impact. For instance, real estate firms in Marietta for sellers might face significant operational challenges, potentially disrupting the livelihoods of many agents who value their independence and flexibility. This could ultimately affect the level of service provided to sellers in the area, as firms adjust to the new regulations.”

Half of all immigrants are engaged in independent work. Low barriers to entry allow women, immigrants, younger individuals and those with lower incomes to make a living through independent work. 

Originally Published in The Daily Record