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The LIBRE Initiative-Virginia Releases 2022 Legislative Agenda

The LIBRE Initiative-Virginia Releases 2022 Legislative Agenda

Latino org. will advocate on education, economic opportunity, and health care

RICHMOND, VA—The LIBRE Initiative-Virginia (LIBRE-VA), an organization committed to empowering the Hispanic community, announced its 2022 legislative agenda ahead of Virginia’s legislative session convening on January 12th. Their policy goals aim to break down barriers to opportunities for Latinos, and all citizens in the Commonwealth.

LIBRE-VA’s 2022 legislative agenda focuses on:

  1. Education: Increasing educational opportunities for students, so every child in Virginia can access the education environment and resources that best meet their unique learning needs.
  2. Economy: Promoting economic progress by protecting workers freedoms and removing regulatory barriers to work.
  3. Health Care: Implementing innovation into our health care systems, so more Latinos can access the quality care they need, at a price they can afford.

Joshua Raimundo, Strategic Director for LIBRE-VA, and Michael Monrroy, Coalitions Director for LIBRE-VA, released a joint statement:

“Virginia’s growing Latino community is more engaged than ever. We look forward to capitalizing on this momentum to advance freedom-minded solutions in the areas Hispanics care about most—education, the economy, and health care—so more Latinos in Virginia have the opportunity to build their version of the American Dream.”