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The LIBRE Initiative – VA Praises State Lawmakers for End of Driver’s Licenses Suspension and Passage of Telemedicine Legislation

Richmond, Virginia – The LIBRE Initiative – Virginia, an organization committed to removing internal and external barriers so that the Hispanic community can thrive and contribute to a more prosperous America, applauded Virginia lawmakers for approving a number of bills that will enhance the quality of life for all Virginians – including the commonwealth’s growing Latino population.

Of significance, Virginia lawmakers approved HB 1332, legislation that will expand access to telemedicine – or the ability to communicate with medical professionals over the internet – in the state. Additionally, lawmakers in Richmond approved SB1/HB1196, legislation that will end driver’s license suspension for unpaid court fees and fines.

Michael Monrroy, the LIBRE Initiative’s Virginia Coalitions Director issued the following statement following the end of the Virginia legislative session:

“Gov. Ralph Northam is well positioned to sign into law legislation that will dramatically improve the lives of many Virginians – including our growing Latino population – by making it easier for folks to communicate with their doctors regardless of where they live. And by signing into law SB1/HB1196, Gov. Northam can make it easier for folks to get to their jobs and pay off their court fines and fees without fear that they may lose their driver’s license.”

Monrroy went on to say:

“Although there were accomplishments to be proud of during the most recent legislative session, considerable work remains to ensure that Virginia will continue expanding economic opportunity for all – including recent arrivals to the commonwealth who desperately want to provide a better life for themselves and their families. The LIBRE Initiative – VA looks forward to working with lawmakers, from both side of the aisle, to make this a reality.”