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The LIBRE Initiative-Georgia: New Bill Allows Families to Tailor Their Children’s Education to Their Learning Needs

Rep. Cantrell introduces HB 999 to provide Georgia families Promise Scholarship Accounts

ATLANTA, GA—The LIBRE Initiative-Georgia (LIBRE-GA) applauded Rep. Wes Cantrell for introducing HB 999, The Georgia Educational Freedom Act, that would provide Georgia families promise scholarship accounts to empower families to choose the education option that best meets their children’s unique learning needs.

David Casas, director of grassroots operations for The LIBRE Initiative-Georgia, release the following statement:

“Children are taught to explore their interests and lean into what subjects they gravitate towards, but our current one-size-fits-all system limits student’s ability to do so. We are grateful to Rep. Cantrell for introducing HB 999 and urge Georgia’s General Assembly to work together to pass this bill to give parents the opportunity to customize their child’s education, so more students can discover, develop and apply their unique talents.”