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The LIBRE Initiative: El Paso Voters Will Have a Say Before Property Tax Increase

The LIBRE Initiative: El Paso Voters Will Have a Say Before  Property Tax Increase
The LIBRE Initiative: El Paso Voters Will Have a Say Before  Property Tax Increase

Latino Advocacy Group Successfully Gathered More than 25K Signatures Needed to Delay Property Tax Increase

(El Paso, Texas) – Today, The LIBRE Initiative – an organization committed to empowering the Hispanic community, expressed relief that El Pasoans will not see their property tax increase following the El Paso County Commissioners’ decision to accept the more than 25K signatures needed to bring the matter before voters.

Karla Y. Sierra, grassroots engagement director for The LIBRE Initiative issued the following statement:

“After knocking on more than 19,000 doors and holding events all across our community, we are elated with the news that the El Paso county clerk has confirmed 32,311 signatures are valid and prevents El Paso County Commissioners from issuing certificates of obligation.”

Sierra went on to add:

“At a time when so many El Pasoans are struggling to make ends meet because of inflation and high gas prices, this news is welcome relief. We have sent a strong message to everyone watching that we are not a blank check. Before we have to pay more in property taxes, voters should have a say! LIBRE will continue to protect the well-being of the El Paso community and every single taxpayer in Texas.”

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