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The LIBRE Initiative Commends White House Occupational Licensing Principles

(Arlington, VA) – Recently, the White House announced their “Principles on Workforce Freedom and Mobility” with a focus on reforming occupational licensing laws, or government regulations requiring workers to clear various hurdles before an aspiring person can work in a particular field.

The LIBRE Initiative expressed support for the White House’s principles encouraging state lawmakers to prioritize occupational licensing reforms in their upcoming legislative sessions.

Daniel Garza, president of The LIBRE Initiative, issued the following statement:

“The administration is right to call on state lawmakers to act to remove unnecessary barriers getting in the way of people’s ability to work and earn an honest living. Research has found that onerous government occupational licensing laws disproportionately impact immigrant and low-income Americans. State lawmakers should act without delay to enact occupational licensing reforms that will make it easier for more and more people to enter the workforce. We applaud the White House for taking this important step.”


The Trump Administration called on state governments to act on occupational licensure reform and issued six principles it believes are critical for good reform. The six principles are:

  1. States and territories should eliminate unnecessary occupational licensing regulations.
  2. States and territories should ensure that all occupational licensing regulations, including those currently in force, are the least restrictive necessary to protect consumers from significant and substantiated harm, ensure worker safety, and promote competition.
  3. States and territories should ensure that occupational licensure boards consider the negative effects of any proposed regulation on consumers and job seekers.
  4. States and territories should recognize the occupational licenses of other States and territories for those individuals who hold a license in good standing and who have not been subject to any complaint or discipline related to their license.
  5. States and territories should eliminate requirements that needlessly prevent individuals with a criminal record from earning a living in a field unrelated to their criminal conviction.
  6. States and territories should take immediate action to ensure that military spouses who accompany their spouses on permanent change-of-station orders are not adversely affected by occupational licensing regulations.

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