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The 2024 LIBRE Prosperity Cup: Team Bidenomics vs. Team Freedom

July 1, 2024

Copa America is here!  

The stadiums are brimming with eager fans to watch the best players on the continent fight to be the champions of the oldest international soccer tournament in the history of the world.  

In 2021, Lionel Messi was lifting the Copa trophy in the air, having just won for Argentina for the first time. At the same time, Bidenomics had just begun its rule across America, eradicating economic freedom wherever it went.  

These events inspired us to create our own competition: The 2024 LIBRE Prosperity Cup. 

The teams? Team Bidenomics and Team Economic Freedom. 

The place? The pocketbooks of millions of Americans  

Here’s how it works: we will compare both teams in three key aspects of the American economy (energy policy, cost of living, and wages) and keep score on who handled it best.  

The team with the most wins takes the cup. Let the games begin! 

Game 1: The Price of Energy 

Team Economic Freedom played Energy Policy with a laissez-faire strategy. Instead of forcing businesses to follow a pre-planned and rigid structure, Economic Freedom passed the ball to businesses to play to their strengths. This tactic created opportunities and scored lower energy prices for all Americans.  

Team Bidenomics took the opposite approach. Instead of letting players be creative, they pushed an ideological and rigid plan. Bidenomics pitched businesses against each other, favoring green energy industry players, while punishing traditional energy companies. In one surprising call, Bidenomics benched the LNG industry, pausing permits for new exports.  

The results? A clear win for Team Economic Freedom.  

  • Energy costs are up 39% under Bidenomics 
  • Home heating oil went up 44% with Bidenomics’ strategy  
  • The price of gas rose more than 40% with Bidenomics 

Scoreboard: Team Economic Freedom 1- Team Bidenomics 0 

Cost of living  

Team Economic Freedom knew they could win the game of affordable life if they played within their means. Their tactics were simple: Americans have the talent to easily win the game if they worked hard, and government didn’t increase spending to historic levels. The result? Prices remain stable.  

Team Bidenomics chose a different method. They doubted Americans had enough skill to keep the economy going, so they played well beyond the team’s needs and printed trillions of dollars. The team thought this would score some quick political goals, but it ended up pushing the economy to its limit.  

It’s all in the numbers: 

  • Eggs cost 84% more today than in 2021 
  • The median house costs 13% more since Bidenomics started playing in 2021.  
  • The average American household spends $12,500 more than in 2021e to keep the same standard of living  

Another goal for Team Economic Freedom! 

Scoreboard: Team Economic Freedom 2- Team Bidenomics 0 

Wages and affordability  

Team Economic Freedom focuses on winning and delivering results. They trust Americans, and know liberty is the best way to make everyone more prosperous. Economic Freedom empowers players, always betting on the American people. They know businesses will deliver amazing results—if given the freedom and incentives to do so.  

By contrast, Team Bidenomics focuses less on results and more on fulfilling the dogmatic ideas of their manager. Bidenomics puts little trust in its players and thinks only more government control can bring the wealth and prosperity Americans deserve. Team Bidenomics thinks economic stability is possible— only by taking power away from Americans and into Washington.  

The results? A hat-trick for Team Economic Freedom  

  • Real average hourly wages are down 2.5% from January 2021 
  • Real weekly wages are down 4.5% from January 2021 
  • Employee confidence fell to a record-low of 45.6% in January 2024 

Final scoreboard: Team Economic Freedom 3- Team Bidenomics 0  

With an overwhelming show of style, creativity, and an exhilarating pace of play, Team Economic Freedom comfortably defeated Team Bidenomics in the 2024 Libre Prosperity Cup.  

The scoreboard shows that economic prosperity is only possible by trusting people and give them the freedom to succeed will unleash a fountain of wealth and success for all Americans.  

It’s time to choose your team: Economic Freedom, or Bidenomics?