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Texas House Should Approve Educational Savings Accounts

Texas House Should Approve Educational Savings Accounts

(Austin, TX) – The LIBRE Initiative is applauding the Texas Senate’s approval of Senate Bill 3, school choice legislation which would create a universal Education Savings Account program, benefitting Texas students and families. During the committee process, The LIBRE Initiative Executive Director Jorge Lima testified in support of this legislation which is now headed to the Texas House of Representatives.

Jorge Lima, Executive Director of The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement:

“The approval of Senate Bill 3 is a great step forward for Hispanic families and students across Texas. Education Savings Accounts empower parents and students with choice and flexibility to access an education tailored to fit their needs. We applaud this passage and now call on the Texas House to advance this bill as well.”   

Education Savings Accounts empower parents and students to use funds towards a range of education expenses including tuition at their local school, curriculum, tutoring, online learning resources, and one-on-one therapy, among others.  These reforms have the power to incentivize improvements in public schools, and are critically important to our communities. Out of the over 900,000 students attending failing schools in Texas, 70 percent are Hispanic or African-American, and 79 percent are economically disadvantaged.

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