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Stop, Cut, and Fix: Plan to Rein in Spending, Prevent Budget Crises


Stop, Cut, and Fix : Plan to Rein in Spending, Prevent Budget Crises

(Washington, D.C.) – Today The LIBRE Initiative announced that it is joining with other like-minded organizations in support of a plan to rein in federal spending. Known as “Stop, Cut, & Fix,” the proposal would stop Congress from lurching from crisis to crisis by passing a long-term appropriations bill, cut spending, and lock the cuts into place while funding government into the term of the next president – whoever that may be. Finally, it would fix budget rules that encourage higher spending and return to a regular order process once and for all.

Daniel Garza, Executive Director of The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement:

“The Hispanic community – and our nation as a whole – is suffering because the President and policymakers in Washington have refused to adopt real fiscal discipline to get spending, deficits, and debt under control. As government spending has risen, so have taxes and the national debt – stifling economic opportunity and hurting our economy. Without limits on the growth of government, the workers and entrepreneurs who depend on free markets and a growing economy to prosper are hurt the most. Furthermore, lawmakers have governed by crisis in budgeting – lurching from fiscal cliff to fiscal cliff, so that spending goes up solely because of a threatened government shutdown. That has to change.

Stop, Cut, & Fix is a good way to address all of these problems. It protects and promotes economic opportunity by limiting government, and it ensures government will be funded through the start of the next presidential administration. We urge Congress to take up this legislation and consider it promptly.”

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