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(Arlington, VA) – Today the White House proposed approximately $15 billion in rescissions – or cuts to previously-approved federal spending. These spending reductions are targeted at more than 30 federal programs, including areas where money has not actually been spent for years, or cannot be spent for a range of reasons. The cuts represent a fraction of one percent of annual federal spending, and other budget-conscious organizations have recommended additional cuts. Americans for Prosperity for example, has identified $45 billion in wasteful and unnecessary spending that Congress can and should eliminate.

Daniel Garza, President of The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement:

“When Members of Congress and the White House come together to fund the federal government, they must be faithful stewards of taxpayer money. That means eliminating waste, and ensuring that the hard-earned tax dollars of the American people aren’t spent on unnecessary projects and programs. Unfortunately, that’s not usually how the process works. We saw that quite recently with the massive and reckless omnibus spending bill – which left taxpayers on the hook for billions in unneeded and unjustified spending.

We’re encouraged that the president has now recommended – and Congress will consider – billions in cuts to unnecessary spending. This is a good first step, and lawmakers should swiftly take up and pass this rescission package, as well as any others put forth by the administration later this year. Furthermore, as lawmakers begin to plan for next year’s budget, Congress and the president should cut out wasteful spending and save taxpayer dollars beforehand – so wasteful spending is never signed into law in the first place.”

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