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Senate Agenda to Focus on Economic Growth


Senate Agenda to Focus on Economic Growth   

(Washington, D.C.) – South Carolina Senator Tim Scott recently identified several key measures that the Senate is likely to consider when new leadership assumes control of that body in January. According to Scott, Senate Republicans will focus on the economy – including addressing the new health care law, which currently encourages employers to cut workers to 30 hours per week. The Senate will also work to promote the growth of the energy industry and expand access to a quality education, Scott said. He further indicated the Senate would consider a measure to give single parents and working families more flexibility to choose between overtime pay and flex time. 

Jorge Lima, Policy Director for The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement:  

“The recent elections brought new faces to Washington, but the most important change will be whether the American people believe their elected representatives are truly listening to them. Enacting reforms to encourage economic growth and boost the after-tax pay of American workers would be a good start. Improving our schools and reforming America’s broken immigration system in a bipartisan way should also be priorities. 

It’s critical that Senators and Congressmen speak honestly to the people about how they’ll tackle the fundamental challenges we face. If they are honest, if they drive the issues with well-crafted policy solutions – they will earn their support.” 

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