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Secretary Mattis Moves to Protect Dreamers in Armed Services

(Washington, D.C.) – Yesterday, Secretary of Defense James Mattis stated that Dreamers serving in the U.S. military will not be subject to deportation. According to press reports, these protections apply to those who have signed a contract with the military, are on active duty, in the active reserves, and veterans who left with an honorable discharge. There are about 900 Dreamers currently serving in the military or awaiting boot camp.

Daniel Garza, President of The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement:

“As we come closer to March 5, the uncertainty about the future of the Dreamers is having a greater impact on families, on communities, and on sectors throughout our country. This move by Secretary Mattis and Secretary Nielsen to ensure that the Dreamers in the military will be able to serve the country they love, is an important step forward. But schools, businesses and others are still dealing with the uncertainty around the Dreamers they engage with.

It is important for Congress and the president to come together – as soon as possible – on a bipartisan plan to provide certainty to the Dreamers through permanent protections, and enhanced border security for our nation.

While this move by the Department of Defense is notable, only Congress can give all the Dreamers the permanent protection they deserve, and we call on them to do so.”

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