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Scott to Sign “Schools of Hope” Legislation

Scott to Sign “Schools of Hope” Legislation

Expanded Educational Opportunity a Win for Florida Hispanics

(Orlando, FL) – Today Florida Governor Rick Scott is expected to sign HB 7069, which includes a number of reforms to education in the State. A significant provision of the bill would create the “Schools of Hope” program – encouraging charter schools to open in areas where students are currently trapped in poorly-performing schools. This initiative is particularly important to the Hispanic community, who are disproportionately represented among students in such schools. The legislation also includes $200 million for bonuses for teachers in Florida schools

Cesar Grajales, Florida Coalitions Director of The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement:

“This is great news for families – Hispanics and others – seeking better educational opportunities for their kids. The staff and volunteers of The LIBRE Initiative have worked hard to keep our community up to date on consideration of the Schools of Hope legislation. We’re pleased to have helped people voice their views to elected officials in Tallahassee, and to see it signed into law today.

To many Florida parents, nothing is more important than ensuring their kids have access to a quality education, so they’re prepared to succeed in life and to build their own American Dream. That’s especially true of Hispanics, who understand how important school choice is to achieving just that. We are grateful to Florida legislators and to Governor Scott for their support of this important reform.”

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