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Report: House Leadership to Push Immigration Reform this Year

Report: House Leadership to Push Immigration Reform this Year
45% Rate President's Handling of Immigration as "Poor"

(Washington, D.C.) – According to press reports, there are new signs that the leadership of the House of Representatives is preparing to consider immigration reform legislation this year as 45% of Americans rate the President's handling of the issue as "poor." In particular, House Speaker Boehner is said to be serious about revamping the immigration system despite concerns from rank and file Members in the House, and aides say he favors a "step by step" approach to reform. This is consistent with earlier reports that the House will likely act by debating and passing a series of separate bills which address separate problems with U.S. immigration laws. Supporters of reform include influential members such as Congressmen Eric Cantor Paul Ryan , Mario Diaz-Balart, and others.

Daniel Garza, Executive Director of The LIBRE Initiative released the following statement:
"With the Senate having acted, and with the House of Representatives ready to consider a series of important immigration measures, there is a real opportunity to enact significant reform this year. Too often in the past, progress has ground to a halt because one side or the other thought it was more important to hold on to a political issue than it was to reach a compromise both sides could be proud of. The President, in particular, is now seeing the negative results of his obstinacy – the discontent of the American people on his handling of this issue, and an inability to get anything done. Hopefully this will be the year that both sides work constructively to get common-sense legislation signed into law, and that advocates insist on accountability for these efforts. Through hard work and the good-faith effort of people on both sides, Congress may pass immigration reform that improves enforcement, deals fairly with the millions who are here without legal status, and facilitates the full participation of immigrants in our economy."

Through the ESTAMOS CONTIGO (We are With You) campaign for immigration reform, The LIBRE Initiative is providing an avenue for constituents to reach out to their Senators and Representative in Congress to work together to pass immigration reform legislation that is employment-based and market-driven. Read more about LIBRE's Statement of Principles on Immigration Reform.

For interviews with a LIBRE representative, please contact: Judy Pino, 202-578-6424 or Brian Faughnan, 571-257-3309.