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Rebooting our Higher Education System is the Key to Success for Hispanic Millennials


Rebooting our Higher Education System is the Key to Success for Hispanic Millennials 

(Washington, DC) – The LIBRE Initiative will join Generation Opportunity, Job Creators Network, and Broward College in Fort Lauderdale today to host an event for college students on education and expanding opportunity for young Hispanics. The event, held as part of Hispanic Heritage Month, will highlight how innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic freedom can improve the lives of young Hispanics.

Patricia Lee, National Spokesperson for Generation Opportunity, released the following statement:

“Broward College is an example of how innovation and choice in education can better position young Americans in the 21st century economy. Hispanic millennials nationwide are struggling with 16.5 percent unemployment and opportunity is being restricted. Our higher education system needs a reboot to lower the costs of education, expand access to high-quality alternatives to traditional four-year degree, and make room for innovation in learning. Young Hispanics will have a greater chance of creating a prosperous and successful future when we prioritize student-centered reforms over tired one-size-fits all policies.”

Rachel Campos Duffy, National Spokesperson for The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement:

“With a community that is nearly ten years younger than the rest of the population, the economic prospects of Hispanics are directly linked to the future prosperity of the United States. With a struggling economy, younger generations now face more pressure than ever. Add to that the high school drop-out crisis plus the increasing cost of college education, and the path to success is increasingly complicated. It’s time to start looking for solutions in order to help students -particularly Hispanic students and others in need of opportunity- to succeed. The future of the nation depends on that.”

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