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Protests in Venezuela Continue to Escalate


Protests in Venezuela Continue to Escalate
Standing With Those Seeking To Defend Freedom

(Washington, D.C.) – Anti-government protests have been going on for a month in Venezuela and government repression has resulted in the death of 28 people and injuries to 365 others. The situation remains unstable with new reports of shortages of milk, sugar and other basics continuing. International airlines have cut down or stopped flights to the country, claiming that the Maduro government is in violation of international aviation treaties and owes them more than $3.7 billion – pointing to the dire economic state of the country. Both the House and Senate have approved resolutions supporting human rights in Venezuela, and calling for an end to the violent repression of those pressing for recognition of individual rights. 

Daniel Garza, Executive Director of The LIBRE Initiative released the following statement:

"The government of Venezuela has taken arms against its citizens. It has mortgaged the financial future of the country by securing billions of dollars of loans on future oil deliveries. And it has repressed all avenues of free expression by expelling all independent media outlets from the country. We stand with the people in Venezuela fighting for freedom – those are seeking opportunities to prosper and for a peaceful transition from an authoritarian government into a democratic one.

As always, the United States should stand up for those seeking freedom, and the protection of individual rights. While much attention is focused on Ukraine, we must not ignore the ongoing struggle to defend and preserve freedom in our own hemisphere."

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