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Profitable Pro Sports Teams Don’t Need Taxpayer Funds

(Miami, FL) – This week the Miami-Dade County Commission approved new financial incentives for the Miami Dolphins to relocate the team’s practice facility to Miami Gardens. The package of incentives approved by the Commission could amount to as much as $58 million – a price tag significantly higher than the roughly $12 million that had initially been proposed. The Dolphins have yet to accept the package.


Cesar Grajales, Florida Director of Coalitions for The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement:

“Money doesn’t grow on trees. If the County Commission gives nearly $60 million to a highly profitable professional team as a payment for the privilege of hosting a practice field, they can only get that money by taxing the people of Miami-Dade County. That’s a mistake, and a bad use of our hard-earned taxpayer dollars. It’s unfortunate that the only member of the Commission who recognizes that is Chairman Bovo – and we thank him for opposing this wasteful handout.

Our elected officials should focus on the genuine needs and priorities of the people of Miami-Dade – not on bribes for sports teams. If those elected officials want to reward the Dolphins, they’re welcome to write personal checks from their own bank accounts – but not to do it with other people’s money.”

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