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Problems in the Economy: WalMart More Exclusive than Harvard

Problems in the Economy: WalMart More Exclusive than Harvard
Working Families Need Bipartisan Economic Reform 

(Washington, D.C.) – Just 28 percent of Americans believe the economy will be stronger a year from now than it is today, according to a recently-released poll. This is the lowest result in six years. By contrast, 46 percent of Americans believe the economy will be weaker a year from now. This pessimism about the economic future of working Americans should worry leaders in Washington. Yet instead of working across the aisle on a bipartisan plan to grow the economy and create jobs, the President is set to deliver more speeches. Today he will again call on Congress to approve a minimum wage increase that will kill low-income jobs and increase the federal deficit while helping very few people

In the fifth year of an economic "recovery," Harvard University accepts a higher percentage of applicants than WalMart, Wegmans, and Google. Findings such as this show that despite the upbeat comments from some in Washington, too many Americans are unable to find work, and competition can be fierce for many open positions. 

Daniel Garza, Executive Director of The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement: 

"The President and Congress can and should work together on an economic plan that grows jobs and increases economic mobility. It was not all that long ago that President Clinton and President Reagan worked with Congressional leaders of the opposite party on bipartisan plans that grew the economy and created economic opportunity. There is nothing stopping the President from doing that today. Low-income workers and American families need it – particularly as concerns grow that the economy is slowing down. 

American entrepreneurs and companies can grow the economy and create jobs. But the overwhelming regulatory burden, excess taxation, out-of-control federal spending and debt are dragging the economy down – and hurting American workers. Leaders in Washington should resolve to work together and put American workers first rather than focusing on politically motivated mandates. Presidents have led before; it should happen again."

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