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Pro-Freedom Policies Are Resonating With Hispanics

February 27, 2023

Hispanics in South Texas favor pro-freedom, pro-growth economic policies, and enhanced border security

Recently, Texas Coalitions Director for the LIBRE Initiative, Jorge Martinez, joined Fox & Friends to discuss why Hispanics are now more likely to support pro-freedom candidates and pro-growth policies.

A new poll among South Texans shows that 40 percent of Hispanics voted Republican based on immigration, and 17 percent voted based on jobs and the economy.

When it comes to immigration and border security, Jorge Martinez said the following:

“South Texans do care about the border, we live here, and we want our families to be safe”

“One part of this is securing the border but the other part is also improving legal access to come here for those that want to contribute to our society.”

Hispanics are also favoring republican policies when it comes to their jobs and the economy. Democrats’ anti-energy agenda puts many South Texas jobs at risk, which would have a huge impact on the Hispanic community.

“What you are seeing is the rejection of bad policy, and instead the acceptance of good policy—policies that are pro-growth, for jobs, and for low taxes.”