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President’s Proposal is a Significant Step Toward Dreamer-Border Deal

Key Next Step For Lawmakers: Make it a Permanent Protection for Dreamers

(Arlington, VA) – Today the president proposed that lawmakers come together on a narrow deal that provides short-term protections for Dreamers and others with enhanced border funding as a route toward ending the ongoing government shutdown.

The following statement was released by:

Tim Phillips, President of Americans for Prosperity

Nathan Nascimento, Executive Vice President of Freedom Partners

Daniel Garza, President of The LIBRE Initiative


“We are encouraged by the president’s focused proposal, which offers to address the status of the Dreamers and enhance border security. This is an important first step toward a real deal. A deal that can unite congress is within reach,  if lawmakers, along with the president, work together toward a long-term solution – rather than a temporary fix that leaves Dreamers unsure what the future holds.”

Earlier this week, we released a letter to Congress and the president cautioning on a temporary Dreamer fix. Read that letter here.

Mark Holden, Chairman of the Board of Freedom Partners, recently wrote an oped encouraging Congress to act on Dreamers and the border. Read that oped here.


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