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President Should Address ACA Delay Requests

President Should Address ACA Delay Requests 

Problems go Beyond Website "Glitches"


(Washington, DC) – As the rollout of the Affordable Care Act (also called the ACA or Obamacare) continues to falter, more and more Members of Congress are calling for delays to major parts of the law. For example, at least 10 Senate Democrats have declared that people "should not be penalized for lack of coverage" if they are unable to purchase insurance policies under the ACA. There are similar calls from many in the House of Representatives as well.

While enrollment began on October 1, the vast majority of visitors to Healthcare.gov have not purchased insurance, and users are continuing to encounter significant problems accessing the site. The site failed again yesterday afternoon, and was inaccessible even this morning. The Obama Administration has set November 30 as a target for correcting these issues, even as the launch of the Spanish-language site still remains to be seen, but a larger problem is that consumers around the country are discovering that the law will have the effect of raising their premiums – or forcing the cancellation of their policies altogether. While the President repeatedly promised "if you like your plan, you can keep it," Presidential adviser David Axelrod, today acknowledged that's not entirely true. Furthermore, those who participate in the program may be at increased risk of identity theft due to inadequate privacy protections through the law.

Daniel Garza, Executive Director of The LIBRE Initiative released the following statement:

"The disastrous rollout of the President's health care reform law shows what happens when Washington tries to dictate the operation of one-sixth of the American economy. When politicians and bureaucrats decide how much insurance will cost, what it must cover, who may sell it, who must buy it – and more – doctors and patients lose out. The system works better when patients are empowered to make choices about their care, and when providers compete for the patronage of consumers by offering a wide array of options.

Many Americans are now questioning the wisdom of a system that concentrates so much power in Washington, and more and more Members of Congress are endorsing a temporary delay of the ACA. But so far, President Obama has ignored warnings from Congress, independent agencies, insurers and others, that the program would not work as scheduled. He has insisted that the law take effect, and that Americans be mandated to participate. It is time for him to acknowledge the real problems with the law – the government interference which is causing premium increases, limited choices, an unworkable website, and an unfair mandate – and begin to lead." 

For interviews with a LIBRE representative, please contact: Judy Pino, 202-578-6424 or Brian Faughnan, 571-257-3309, 571-257-3309.