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President Must Change Direction on the Economy

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President Must Change Direction on the Economy

'Government-Led' Recovery is No Recovery at All

(Washington, D.C.) – President Obama's campaign-style speeches today calling for new efforts to promote economic growth, come at a time when job growth is barely keeping pace with growth in the workforce, and many Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. White House initiatives like the Affordable Care Act and energy regulation impose a heavy burden on job creators, making it difficult for many to stay in business, let alone expand. LIBRE calls on the President to provide an economic vision that yields realistic results for the nation's labor force.

Daniel Garza, Executive Director of The LIBRE Initiative released the following statement:

"For years now, jobs and the economy have been the top priority for working Americans – and the only priority for those who've lost their jobs because of White House policies like the Affordable Care Act and excessive regulation. It's about time President Obama made them a priority too by changing his approach. While the President has claimed credit for a strengthening economy, Washington often just gets in the way of small businesses and other job creators who will succeed if they are left alone. The President talks about a recovery, but since the recession ended more than four years ago, median family income is down. The unemployment rate among Hispanics is higher than the national average – at over 9 percent. And nearly 30 percent of Hispanic teens are unemployed. American workers need more than eloquent speeches and promises – from Republicans and Democrats – they deserve real results."

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