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TX – K12 Education

An “All-of-the-Above” Approach to Increasing Opportunities in Education.

Hispanic families understand the life-changing value of educational opportunity. They see Education as the number 1 issue the Texas legislature should address.

Much of today’s education debate misses the point: It shouldn’t be about where students go to school. It should be about how to best meet each student’s own unique needs. It’s why we’ve united with teachers to promote various educational options that provide three-dimensional learning opportunities to students across the country—whether it be public or private, charter or home school, four-year college degrees or vocational training, or anything else.

RealClear Opinion Research that surveyed more than 2,000 registered voters on the concept of school choice found 77% of Hispanics support school choice of which 14% oppose. 68% of democrats and 82% of republicans support.

OUR VISION: Every Kid deserves access to educational opportunity.

We believe the purpose of education is to help students discover, develop, and apply their unique abilities. Each and every student must have access to an education that unleashes their extraordinary potential – regardless of their family income or ZIP code.

THE PROBLEM: Too many schools fail to develop the extraordinary potential of every kid

• Our system of education is focused on schooling and not true education.
• Traditional schools are designed to deliver standardized content, not individualized learning.
• Performance is too often measured by passing tests that assess short-term recall of facts, instead of ensuring mastery of knowledge.

OUR APPROACH: Bigger, Bolder Policy Change that applies to every student

• Bigger, bolder policy changes are the key to unlock the potential of every student. The incremental approach to reform has contributed to years of relative stagnation in the fight to expand educational opportunity.
• Real policy change means that every student has the freedom to select the educational options that work best for them.
• Policies that limit educational opportunity based on income, status, geographic location, or school performance should be avoided, as they make it extremely hard to achieve meaningful change.

We know that when families have more options from which to choose the best education for
their child, everyone wins.

We can make such outcomes possible by:

  • Education Savings Accounts for all Texas students
  • Expanding the means by which families can choose the right education for their child
  • Promoting charter schools