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LIBRE’s 2023 Federal Policy Agenda

With over 60 million Hispanics across the U.S., our community continues to be a vibrant and essential member of the U.S. economy, culture, community, and society.

Unfortunately, the Latino community faces immense barriers toward achieving the American Dream. Latinos are looking to policymakers to work together and support policies that will empower individuals and expand opportunity for all.

The Latino community, like all Americans, is eager to live out their version of The American Dream.

To address these challenges, LIBRE’s 2023 policy agenda provides federal lawmakers with options to remove barriers to opportunity by:

  • Building a Thriving and Free Economy
  • Addressing Affordable, Quality Health Care
  • Modernizing our Immigration System & Border Security
  • Unlocking U.S. Energy Potential

A Thriving and Free Economy

Latinos and all Americans continue to struggle with the negative economic impacts of unfettered government spending, runaway inflation, and government-created barriers to economic growth, stability, and freedom.

Policy Solutions
  • Promote fiscal restraint and reform our broken budget process
  • Promote growth by lowering the tax burden on individuals and small business owners.
  • Empower entrepreneurs and unleash American innovation by improving access to capital
  • Promote worker freedom and flexibility
  • TCJA Permanency Act
  • Small Entrepreneurs’ Empowerment and Development Act
  • Unlocking Capital for Small Businesses Act
  • Employee Rights Act

Affordable, Quality Health Care

Latinos are worried about affording health care. We need a Personal Option that gives everyone the high level of choice, control, access, quality, and affordability they deserve.

Policy Solutions
  • Empower patients by dramatically expanding access to tax-free health savings accounts
  • Expand choice, access, and control by guaranteeing access to direct primary care and similar insurance-free arrangements in addition to permanently expanding Telehealth access
  • Permanently remove Medicare’s ban on physician-owned hospitals
  • Adopt site-neutral and license-neutral payments to remove harmful market distortions
  • Authorize association health plans to offer more affordable options for employees and small businesses
  • Primary Care Enhancement Act
  • Personalized Care Act and Health Savings for Seniors Act
  • Telehealth Expansion Act
  • Biosimilar Red Tape Reduction Act

Click here to learn more about “The Personal Option”

A Modernized Immigration System & Border Security

We believe immigration is good, but our current system is not. Failing to fix our outdated, broken system threatens our national security, economic prosperity, and the cohesion of the family unit.

Policy Solutions
  • Strengthening the American workforce and economy by reforming legal channels
  • Respond to labor shortages in the healthcare and agriculture industry
  • Provide security along the border by providing border patrol and border communities with the resources they need to keep us safe
  • Dignity Act
  • Farm Workforce Modernization Act
  • Bipartisan Border Solutions Act
  • Border Patrol Enhancement Act

Unlocking U.S. Energy Potential

Latinos play a crucial role in the energy industry as workers, consumers and business owners. Ensuring the industry is operating efficiently with the future and consumer needs in mind should be prioritized above a top-down approach that distorts the market and stifles innovation.

Policy Solutions
  • Remove burdensome and unnecessary regulations that drive up costs throughout the energy supply chain and are then passed on to all Americans.
  • Rescind or change laws that block construction of critical infrastructure needed to deliver energy to consumers.
  • Remove government barriers to market-based innovation that will improve efficiency and reduce environmental impacts.
  • Strategic Production Response Act
  • Undoing NEPA’s Substantial Harm by Advancing Concepts that Kickstart the Liberation of the Economy (UNSHACKLE) Act
  • Simplify Timelines and Assure Regulatory Transparency (START) Act
  • Paris Transparency and Accountability Act

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