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Modernize America’s Outdated, Ineffective Immigration System

Great things are possible when immigrants and non-immigrants have the freedom and opportunity to work together to build our nation and expand prosperity for all.  

That’s why we need to modernize America’s outdated, ineffective immigration system. Our nation’s future is brighter with more people here and contributing to it by following the laws laid out by this country.

A clear legal immigration process would make it easier for immigrants and their children to join communities, find jobs, enroll in schools, and fully embrace the American Dream. 

Imagine what America would look like if new immigrants were able to plan for their futures, develop their talents, work, study, join in public service, and partake in other avenues that enable them to realize their potential.  

Creating a more streamlined immigration process that would make this possible involves:  

  • Modernizing the visa process: Our immigration system is complex and inefficient, built on laws that have not been updated in decadesWe need solutions that streamline and increase access to legal immigration channels, strengthen security, accountability, and transparency, and ensure laws are clear, just, and applied equally.
  • Addressing the undocumented population: Today’s legal immigration system is far too complex to the point that it contributes to worsening the existing border crisis. The legal pathways that exist need to be clear and accessible. Beyond that, we need to pass solutions to address the worsening border crisis and ensure the laws of these country are followed.
  • Updating and enhancing border security and interior enforcement: We should know exactly who is coming in and out of our country. Border security efforts should focus on efficiently and effectively defending us from those who wish to do harm. Similarly, interior enforcement should prioritize resources to their most important use—maximizing safety and security—by prioritizing efforts towards removing those who present clear threats to safety. A more secure border will be achieved once we provide better and more accessible options for immigrants to enter legally, reducing a major incentive for coming here outside of our laws. Congress should enact solutions to modernize ports of entry, fortify infrastructure, enhance technological capabilities, and expand the use of alternatives to detention.