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Passage of SB 671 – Deserves Credit, NC Bill Expands Funding to Students

Passage of SB 671 – Deserves Credit, NC Bill Expands Funding to Students

NC House and Senate Need to Work Together to Expand Educational Freedom to All

(RALEIGH, NC) –  Today, The LIBRE Initiative, an organization committed to empowering the Latino community, recognizes the North Carolina Senate for passing SB 671, a bill that expands education funding to students, instead of systems, through North Carolina’s Opportunity Scholarship.

A few weeks prior the House passed HB 32, commonly known as the Equity in Opportunity Act, a bill that loosens restrictions to the Opportunity Scholarship and increases funding to students.

Richard Bethencourt, The LIBRE Initiative’s Grassroots Engagement Director in North Carolina, issued the following statement:

“The North Carolina Senate has taken a step in the right direction towards expanding educational freedom by passing SB 671, so students accessing the Opportunity Scholarship are further supported with the resources they need to succeed.

We encourage our House of Representatives and the Senate to work together to increase the size and scope of these programs, so more students have the opportunity to discover, develop, and apply their unique abilities, establishing a foundation for a life of contribution and fulfilment.

The LIBRE Initiative is committed to working with North Carolina legislators until every child has access to a broad variety of educational environments such as private school, charter school, or any other type of educational setting that can best fit their individual needs and talents.

When we invest in students, not just systems, and permit them access to a customizable education experience, we invest in the future of our country — a strong nation that embraces diversity and an innovative spirit.”