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Obamacare Pushing Many to Avoid Insurance


Obamacare Pushing Many to Avoid Insurance
Alternatives to Health Insurance Becoming More Popular 

(Washington, D.C.) – As physicians and patients adapt to the changes brought on by the new health care law, more practices are seeking alternatives to traditional health insurance. There are a variety of causes, including patients losing insurance. Approximately 5 million Americans received cancelation notices due to the health care law, and a recent survey of Chief Financial Officers by Duke University shows that 44 percent are considering reducing health benefits to their employees due to the law. 

Not surprisingly, the number of physicians whose practices are cash-only is on the rise. According to press reports, "no insurance health care" is becoming extremely popular in some areas. Enrollees may pay a monthly membership and a fee for the actual service. This translates into young and healthy individuals that choose not to have health insurance, but still have access to a doctor for the same price as their gym membership. For some, this option may result in significant cost savings while still maintaining health care services. Considering the recent finding of the Congressional Budget Office that 31 million Americans will remain uninsured even after the health law is fully implemented, alternatives to insurance are likely to remain popular.  

Daniel Garza, Executive Director of The LIBRE Initiative released the following statement: 

"Alternative solutions like this 'fee for service medicine' showcase the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of medical professionals. In a time when the unintended consequences of Obamacare continue to emerge, and we find that the law will reduce the number of jobs and depress wages – while still leaving  millions of Americans without insurance – it is important to recognize programs that put individuals back in charge of their medical and financial decisions. 

Our healthcare system is in need of reform, but the reform must be aligned with the interests and desires of the American people. No one will be hurt more by this law than the working families who are at the bottom of the income scale. They deserve better." 

Learn more about "The Accountability Project" campaign and LIBRE's efforts to keep elected officials accountable for supporting the flawed Obamacare law that is causing families everywhere to lose their current health care plan and lose their full time jobs. They are elected to make the right decisions for the people – let's keep them accountable.

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