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No More Bailouts for Disastrous Obamacare System


No More Bailouts for Disastrous Obamacare System

(Washington, D.C.) – As health insurance premiums under the Affordable Care Act continue to rise, even advocates for the law are acknowledging that costs and affordability are a significant problem. Enrollment under the law fell far below projections this year – a consistent trend since the law took effect. Insurance companies participating in the system are seeking new and larger taxpayer bailouts, which they argue are needed to prevent the costs to customers from rising further. Proponents of the law have yet to propose reforms that are intended to reduce costs without additional funds from taxpayers or cuts in benefits to those in need of health care.

Daniel Garza, Executive Director of The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement:

“It’s been more than 6 years since the president signed health care reform into law, and our healthcare system is crumbling before our very eyes. Premiums and deductibles continue to climb, enrollment is millions below what was projected, and too many people are priced out of care. Meanwhile, the healthcare exchanges are collapsing, insurance companies are fleeing, and too many consumers are losing access to care. These reforms just aren’t working – despite billions in taxpayer dollars that have been illegally given to insurance companies in an attempt to improve outcomes.

The answer is not billions more in taxpayer bailouts – as special interests are contemplating. The answer is to institute reforms that put consumers and patients in charge of their own care, in consultation with their doctor. Innovative reforms that are led and implemented at the state level are an important part of the solution. Congress and the next President should work toward these needed changes.” 

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