LIBRE Calls on Government to Cut Spending

Washington, DC –The 'Sequester' is a distraction from the true problem in Washington: Overspending. Today, LIBRE Executive Director Daniel Garza made the following statement: "The imminent 'sequester' is yet another distraction from the heart of the matter affecting the economy of our country – wasteful federal spending that is the direct cause for lack of jobs and job creation. It is unfortunate that the President has been unable to work with Congress on shrinking the size of government.

The LIBRE Initiative responds to January Jobs Report

Arlington, VA – The LIBRE Initiative (LIBRE) Executive Director Daniel Garza released the following statement: "In the midst of failing consumer confidence and the economy contracting, the Obama administration's negligence has shut down the 26-member panel dedicated to spur job creation. The President's disinterest in creating jobs is evident and his failure to accept responsibility for his failed economic policies is appalling as 23 million Americans struggle to find decent employment month after month.