ICYMI: Nevada Needs A More Just Pre-Trial System

Las Vegas, NV – Today, The Nevada Independent published an oped by Nevada Deputy State Director, Ronnie Najarro on the importance of pre-trial reform to approve more effective, evidence-based pre-trial policies. Below are excerpts from the oped. Read the Spanish version here.   Here in Nevada, we can look to our pre-trial system – the … Read More

U.S. Government Rejecting Highly-Skilled Workers

(Arlington, VA) – According to new research by the National Foundation for American Policy (NFAP), the United States government is rejecting visa applications for highly skilled H-1B workers at a far higher rate than in recent years – despite the strength of the U.S. economy and the inability of American employers to fill positions. In … Read More

Arkansas Approves In-State Tuition, Nursing Licenses for Dreamers

(Arlington, VA) – Yesterday, Arkansas Governor Hutchinson signed bills to grant in-state tuition to Dreamers, and to allow them to obtain nursing licenses. (Dreamers are immigrants brought here as children without legal status.) House bill 1684 was recently approved by the legislature with strong bipartisan support – 75-11 in the House, and 18-7 in the … Read More

Shutting Down the Border Would Make the Problem Worse

Shutting Down the Border Would Make the Problem Worse   (Arlington, VA) – On Friday, the president indicated that he may shut down the U.S.-Mexico border – “or large sections” of the border – next week.   Daniel Garza, President of The LIBRE Initiative, released the following statement: “Closing the border is not a solution. … Read More

ICYMI: Breaking down barriers to success

(Arlington, VA)—Today, Michael Monrroy, Coalitions Director for The LIBRE Initiative – Virginia, and JC Hernandez, State Director for Americans for Prosperity – Virginia, penned an op-ed in The Virginian Pilot reflecting on Virginia’s 2019 legislative session. Read the entire article here.   Below are excerpts from the piece:   The 2019 legislative session included some … Read More

The LIBRE Initiative Testifies in Support of Nevada Licensing Reform

(Carson City) – Yesterday The LIBRE Initiative testified in support of Nevada bill A.B. 275, which would reform the state’s occupational licensing system. The measure would allow those who do not have a Social Security number – but who do have a Taxpayer Identification Number – to apply for occupational licenses in the state. In … Read More

Graham-Durbin Dream Act Provides Avenue for Legislative Action

(Arlington, VA) – Today Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Dick Durbin (D-IL) introduced the Dream Act of 2019, legislation to provide legal status and certainty to Dreamers. According to its sponsors, lawful permanent status – and eventually citizenship – would be available to longtime residents brought here as children, who pass a background check, graduate … Read More

Nevada Bail Reform Bill is a Step Forward

(Carson City, NV) – A number of members of the Nevada state Assembly have come together to introduce A.B. 325, which significantly improves Nevada’s pre-trial system. The bill creates a new structure for pre-trial decisions, basing them on a defendant’s risk, rather than relying on cash bail as a default. The bill sets out a … Read More

The LIBRE Initiative Praises House Action on Education Bill after Testifying in Favor of Effort

(Tallahassee, FL) – Yesterday, Cesar Grajales, Florida Coalitions Director of The LIBRE Initiative, testified before the House Committee on Education, in support of Education Bill PCB EDC 19-01. Additionally, the Committee passed this bill, which would help improve opportunities for Florida K-12 students. This measure would create the Family Empowerment Scholarship, a scholarship that will … Read More

Leaders Should Work Together to Ensure Dream and Promise Act Leads to Actual Protection for Dreamers

(Arlington, VA) – Leaders in the House of Representatives have introduced H.R. 6, the “Dream and Promise Act.” This legislation would offer conditional permanent resident status and a potential path to citizenship for the Dreamers – immigrants brought here as children without legal status. The legislation would reportedly also offer legal status to recipients of … Read More