In defense of ‘leaning out’: Moms differ in defining success

In her book “Lean In,” Sheryl Sandberg blames women for subconsciously self-selecting out of career tracksthat lead to the corner office and the big bucks. By being fearful, unassertive, and hedging their bets in favor of flexibility for kids many of them don’t yet have, Sandberg says that women themselves are largely responsible for why men still dominate at the highest levels of corporate and political leadership.

It Would be Un-American if Immigration Reform Were Again to Fail

Fox News Latino By Daniel Garza March 20,2013 Our nation has fulfilled more dreams and generated more prosperity for more immigrant families than any other nation in history — each one driven by the belief that “If I am free, I’ll prosper.” America’s rugged individualism, free market system, and a republic form that kept government in check is exactly what has worked for over 300 years to make America the richest, most prosperous nation in the history of the world.

Essay: New Pope deepens faith for Catholic mom, daughter

Today Moms By Rachel Campos-Duffy March 19,2013 Today, it’s impossible to not feel proud to be a Catholic. With all the magnificent pageantry and tradition of the Church on full display for this holy occasion, even my non-Catholic friends are feeling a little bit Catholic.

Latinos Shine at CPAC But Immigration Reform Remains Unclear

Fox News Latino By A.J. Delgado March 18, 2013 This year’s CPAC, the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, featured a healthy array of Latino speakers and panelists:Senator Marco Rubio, Senator Ted Cruz (who delivered the keynote address),Congressman Raul Labrador, Dan Garza of LIBRE Initiative, Mario Lopez of the Hispanic Leadership Fund, and several other notable Latino conservatives. The event itself is organized by a Latino, the American Conservative Union’s chairman, Al Cardenas.

CPAC 2013: The Latino Connection begs to differ with Liberalism By Don Allison March 16, 2013 Daniel Garza, Executive Director for The LIBRE Initiative. spoke on the theme, “Respecting Families and the Rule of Law: A Lasting Immigration Policy.” Contrary to what many contend is the Latino sentiment concerning the state of the country, the LIBRE Initiative pushes the very same values, many around the world sought refuge under.