Budget Remonstrations and Reproofs

Fox News Latino By Daniel Garza April 10, 2013 The worst kept secret in Washington nowadays is just how badly broken the budget process has become, and how spineless politicians are at controlling spending. Still, while politicians have been paying lip service to fiscal responsibility for some time now, the president’s new proposed budget blueprint, once again, demonstrates little regard to our fiscal realities.

The LIBRE Initiative Responds to The Manhattan Institute’s “Measuring Immigrant Assimilation in Post- Recession America” report

For Immediate Release March 26, 2013 Washington,DC – “This study further proves that in order for immigrants to succeed in the United States they must assimilate culturally and economically to reach full potential and reap all the benefits that our country has to offer. It remains true; those who resist the trappings of government dependence and embrace the time-proven principles of hard work, risk-taking and self-reliance are best able to achieve the American Dream, even in this post-recession economy.”

Remarks by Rachel Campos Duffy, National Spokesperson for The LIBRE Initiative at CPAC 2013

CPAC 2013 "Faith and Freedom Coalition Prayer Breakfast, March 15, 2013 As prepared for Delivery My name is Rachel Campos Duffy and I’m the mother 6 kids under the age of 13 and my husband is Congressman Sean Duffy of Wisconsin. You know, a lot of people ask me: “What’s it like to raise six kids in such a hyper-political environment. Mom is a conservative activist, Dad’s a politician. So, let me tell you what it’s like.

Scoop from CPAC: The Women’s Panel

Texas GOP Vote Website By Debbie Georgatos March 21, 2013 Two days after I returned home from CPAC 2013, I met with a small group of conservative friends in Dallas and one asked what was my favorite part of CPAC. I did not and cannot choose my favorite speaker or panel, because so many were fabulous. But the all-women panel that made abundantly clear that liberal policies constitute an ongoing and long-term real war on women's progress, was among my favorites. The panel, "The Right View…and the REAL issues" featured:

In defense of ‘leaning out’: Moms differ in defining success

In her book “Lean In,” Sheryl Sandberg blames women for subconsciously self-selecting out of career tracksthat lead to the corner office and the big bucks. By being fearful, unassertive, and hedging their bets in favor of flexibility for kids many of them don’t yet have, Sandberg says that women themselves are largely responsible for why men still dominate at the highest levels of corporate and political leadership.