Venezuelan President Claims Victory While Stripping Citizens of Freedoms

After prevailing in an election that was the very antithesis of democracy, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro waved to an empty plaza. As the incumbent, Maduro and his regime imprisoned the opposition, denied free speech and manipulated the election process. To him, though, this is a victory. Watch the stunning video here.  The presidential election held … Read More

Why ‘Just Becoming a Citizen’ Isn’t an option for Dreamers

Picture this: A young woman, now 24, was brought to the United States from Mexico as a toddler by her parents in an unauthorized manner. She has an American education, from elementary school all the way up to a college degree, and is now in the workforce. After paying a $495 application fee and demonstrating … Read More

Here’s How Much the Workforce Needs Dreamers

At the end of March, it was apparent that President Donald Trump would sign an omnibus spending bill that lacked a permanent solution for Dreamers. His administration had given Congress a deadline to come up with a solution, which it failed to meet. Meanwhile, a day before Congress passed the omnibus bill, Indiana Gov. Eric … Read More

New Report Shows How Bad Wasteful Government Spending Is Hurting America

The American government has a spending problem, and it’s growing out of control. A new report recently released by the Congressional Budget Office says this year the federal deficit will reach $804 billion this year. By the year 2020, the U.S. will be adding more than a trillion dollars to the national debt every year. … Read More

4 Reasons We All Need Free Trade

America needs free trade. Do you know why? Here are four things you should be aware of:   Free trade promotes job growth. Free trade gives American consumers more access to the best products at competitive prices. Free trade gives American businesses more access to the billions of consumers outside U.S. borders. Free trade is … Read More

Freedom, Not Tariffs, Will Help American Families

Families are starting to see the benefits of federal tax reform. Around the country, workers are enjoying higher take-home pay. Businesses are handing out bonuses, raises and expanded benefits. But recently announced tariffs would hurt countless families across the country and undermine the benefits of federal tax reform. Adding new taxes on imported steel and … Read More

Rising Health Insurance Rates Continue to Pose Challenges for Latino Families

Hispanics know that despite a lot of activity in Washington in recent years, it’s still hard to afford quality health care and health insurance. More than twice as many Hispanics are without health insurance as compared to white Americans, and more than one-quarter of Hispanics went without a health care visit in the last year, … Read More

Raising the Gas Tax Will Hurt Hispanic Families

Every time you fill up your gas tank, you’re paying a tax to the federal government on top of the cost of fuel. Right now, the federal tax on every gallon of gasoline is 18.4 cents. To pay for new construction projects, one proposal seeks to raise the tax to 43.4 cents, an unprecedented 25 … Read More