Do Stricter Immigration Laws Incentivize Unlawful Immigration?

If you implement policies that make it more difficult to enter the country legally, would that unintentionally increase unlawful immigration?  Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd thinks so. He told CNN that a new asylum policy — requiring some asylum seekers to go back to Mexico while their cases are pending in U.S. immigration courts — is like “opening up a Pandora’s box:”  “This is … Read More

Dozens demand ‘A Dreamer deal, now’ at the US Capitol

Nineteen-year-old Elias Garcia stood at the lectern near the east steps of the U.S. Capitol on Feb. 13. A crowd of cameras stood before him, as dozens of Dreamers, community activists and organization leaders stood behind. Boxes of paper representing the more than 80,000 letters Americans have written to Congress were stacked to his left.  “I’m … Read More

National School Choice Week Is About Celebrating Uniqueness

Hispanic families understand the life-changing value of educational opportunity. And they know that every student in America deserves a quality education that fits his or her unique talents. Time and time again, polls have shown that Hispanics rank education as a top issue. Hispanic families in particular understand that their children, have different learning styles, … Read More

Daniel Garza Talks DACA on C-SPAN

Daniel Garza – president of the LIBRE Initiative – spoke with C-SPAN’s Greta Brawner on Jan. 11 to discuss a permanent solution for Dreamers, those brought to the U.S. as children through no fault of their own, and the importance of immigration. With the government in the fourth week of the partial shutdown, the debate rages over the issues of … Read More

Venezuela After 2018 

How Venezuela Failed — and What it Can Do to Recover  In Nov. 2018, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro raised the country’s minimum wage a whopping 150 percent to 4,500 bolivars. Prior to that, he ratcheted the minimum wage up 60-fold in August.  What happened? Did Venezuela suddenly become extraordinarily wealthy again — after a lengthy period of economic dysfunction — carrying wages to … Read More

Can We Learn About Immigration Policy from a 9-Year-Old Who Got a Snowball-Fight Ban Repealed?

U.S. immigration laws aren’t working.  Sometimes, when laws become too old and arbitrary, it makes more sense to change the law than to punish the person in violation.   Take, for example, 9-year-old Dane Best from the small town of Severance, Colorado. An old town ordinance made it illegal to throw snowballs— but according to his mom, he threw them anyway.  “My boys have been … Read More

Lame-Duck Session Is Prime Opportunity for Lawmakers to Act on Dreamers

With funding for a portion of the federal government now slated to expire after Dec. 21, Congress has convened for the remainder of a “Lame Duck” session – and funding for border security is high on the list of issues to be resolved. Officials should take that as an opportunity to expand the conversation and find a permanent solution for Dreamers. It’s a task … Read More

Fed Chairman Powell: Immigration Boosts U.S. Economic Growth

Americans gets excited when excessively burdensome regulations are rolled back and punitive taxes are lowered because they understand that pro-growth policies bolster the economy. When people can keep more of their hard-earned paychecks, they can better provide for their families. That not only improves their lives — it ultimately improves their communities.   As Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell … Read More

What Does Constitutional Law Actually Say About Birthright Citizenship?

The country is abuzz with the 14th Amendment, as a practice called “birthright citizenship” has taken over the headlines.   According to birthright citizenship, a baby born in America is an American citizen. Here’s what Section 1 of the 14th Amendment says, and has said for 150 years:  “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction … Read More