Why Cubans are protesting for their freedom and other questions answered

For the first time in many years, the island nation of Cuba has seen widespread public protests directed against the ruling regime. The leadership in Havana has responded with force and repression. It is impossible to predict what will happen next, but these protests may have a lasting impact not only on the future of … Read More

Social Media Toolkit: The Freedom Protests in Cuba

The LIBRE Initiative is proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with every Cuban, living on the island or elsewhere, yearning for a free and prosperous Cuba. Just as importantly, we condemn any actions that inhibit the right of any person to assemble peacefully and express themselves freely. During this critical inflection point, it is important … Read More

A bipartisan border solution that’s good for New Mexico

Improving the challenging situation on the border requires long-term thinking and a bipartisan legislative solution. Ruben Guajardo, community engagement director for The LIBRE Initiative-New Mexico, urges Congress to act now in an op-ed in the Las Cruces Sun-News. The Bipartisan Border Solutions Act would create regional processing centers to better handle the influx of migrants in high-traffic sectors, Guajardo … Read More

Hispanics would benefit from a more focused approach on infrastructure

Daniel Garza, president of The LIBRE Initiative, writes in Univision that the president’s so-called infrastructure proposal is not worth the $4 trillion price. And no matter how they trim the plan or move pieces around, it would still result in trillions of dollars of waste with little to show for it. “The right move however … Read More

How this immigrant success is giving back to the country he loves

America has a longstanding tradition of providing shelter and refuge to those fleeing oppression around the world. Whether it was political dissidents during the Cold War, religious minorities in the modern era, or other groups throughout our history, the U.S. has been a beacon of hope for the persecuted. Still today, this American tradition gives … Read More

‘In the Heights’ — a relatable movie for Latinos with sueñitos

For more than a decade, The LIBRE Initiative has been helping break down barriers to opportunity so more Latinos can gain prosperity and achieve their American dream. The American dream usually starts out small — como un sueñito (like a small dream) — but eventually grows to include the desire of owning a home, seeing … Read More

Carlos Castro: From ‘D.C.’s best dishwasher’ to self-made millionaire

People often say that America is a nation built by immigrants. Over our history, millions have come here from abroad in search of freedom and the opportunity for a better life. In doing so, they’ve built   the world’s most vibrant, successful, and dynamic country. America is fortunate that in a world where population growth is … Read More

A better immigration system is better for Michigan

Michigan and the nation benefit from immigration. As Marge Bermann, community engagement director for The LIBRE Initiative-Michigan, points out in a new op-ed in the Holland Sentinel, immigrants pay nearly $8 billion in taxes and contribute more than $20 billion in spending power. But immigration is about more than mere numbers. We’re now seeing new surges … Read More