Carlos Castro: From ‘D.C.’s best dishwasher’ to self-made millionaire

People often say that America is a nation built by immigrants. Over our history, millions have come here from abroad in search of freedom and the opportunity for a better life. In doing so, they’ve built   the world’s most vibrant, successful, and dynamic country. America is fortunate that in a world where population growth is … Read More

A better immigration system is better for Michigan

Michigan and the nation benefit from immigration. As Marge Bermann, community engagement director for The LIBRE Initiative-Michigan, points out in a new op-ed in the Holland Sentinel, immigrants pay nearly $8 billion in taxes and contribute more than $20 billion in spending power. But immigration is about more than mere numbers. We’re now seeing new surges … Read More

The public option is a bad option for Latinos

Health care is an issue of crucial importance to all Nevadans. That’s why Eddie Diaz, community engagement director of The LIBRE Initiative-Nevada, joined with Ronnie Najarro, state director of Americans for Prosperity-Nevada, to write about why the so-called public option is a bad bet for the state’s Latinos. Legislation under consideration by state lawmakers would … Read More

The health care reforms empowering Latinos to recover from the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the flaws and failures of a U.S. health care system that is, in many ways, the best in the world. Quick action by policymakers showed us how knocking down barriers can overcome those flaws. In Roll Call, Daniel Garza, president of The LIBRE Initiative, writes that for many Latinos, the challenges … Read More

Government-controlled health care wouldn’t work, but here’s what would.

Americans are generally satisfied with the quality of health care they receive. Nevertheless, most believe that the system needs reform. Latinos, too, rank health care as one of their top issues when they go to the polls. It’s not difficult to see why. American health care is overburdened with state and federal regulations and mandates … Read More

The LIBRE Initiative-Colorado calls out crazy commuter proposal

Latinos already are more likely to commute and have fewer options when it comes to teleworking than other Coloradans. Now, in a misguided attempt to reduce emissions, the state Department of Public Health and Environment wants to make getting to work even harder for them. In El Comercio de Colorado, Angle Merlos, coalitions director for The LIBRE Initiative-Colorado, … Read More

LIBRE-Nevada urges lawmakers to tackle jobs, health care, criminal justice before time runs out

Writing in El Tiempo Las Vegas, The LIBRE Initiative-Nevada Community Engagement Director Eddie Diaz points to the urgency state lawmakers face in the final days of the legislative session. “Lawmakers should seize the opportunity to boost the economy, guard against future pandemics, and reform criminal justice. If they do, Nevada’s Hispanic community will be among the biggest beneficiaries,” Diaz … Read More