New poll reveals Americans support these key immigration reforms

Across our nation, voters are tired of the status quo at our border and with our immigration system. A new poll reveals that voters are very supportive of legislation that tackles key components of broken immigration system: Strengthening security at the border A pathway to citizenship for Dreamers A streamlined agricultural guest worker program that … Read More

Hispanic Heritage Month: Why we come…and why we succeed

Ever wonder why Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated over two separate months — from September 15 to October 15? It’s a nod to the bipartisan roots of the event, which recognizes Hispanic Americans’ achievements and their contributions to their adopted country. The celebration began in 1968 when President Lyndon Johnson signed legislation declaring the seven … Read More

Senator Rick Scott’s ideas for making the American Dream available to everyone

The LIBRE Initiative President Daniel Garza recently spoke with Senator Rick Scott about the role the  Hispanic community plays in the U.S. and Florida, specifically. Their conversation was intended to highlight noteworthy moments in U.S. history in which Latinos contributed in significant ways and interviews with national leaders speaking on the Latino American experience. Garza … Read More

How my family plans to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

By Israel Ortega To me, Hispanic Heritage Month is a reminder of part of what makes this country unique and special. Unlike other countries formed around geography, ethnicity or even religion, ours was founded on a set of ideas. Among the ideas that gave rise to this country include: freedom, equality, and the freedom to … Read More

New census numbers confirm: Hispanic population growing in size and influence

The U.S. Census Bureau recently released data from the 2020 census. One of the lead stories was the growth in the U.S. Hispanic community: Latinos drove the country’s demographic growth, shooting up to 62.1 million, the Census Bureau announced [on August 12, 2021]. Latinos accounted for 51.1 percent of the country’s growth, rising to 18.7 … Read More

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with LIBRE at one of these special events

The LIBRE Initiative is proud to celebrate and recognize our Hispanic heritage and the contributions of millions of Hispanics in the U.S. that make our nation better. To commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re hosting events across the country to reflect on: Where we came from How our journeys have shaped each of us into who … Read More

Smart, bipartisan legislation can help at the U.S. border. But will Congress act?

Congressional action on immigration and the border continues to rank among Americans’ top priorities. But despite the legitimate concerns of millions, Congress has been slow to act. The staff and volunteers at The LIBRE Initiative have worked to make sure the Latino community is informed about legislation that could come up, and to relay feedback … Read More